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Quai è ina glista da tut ils messadis dals differents tips da paginas da MediaWiki che vegnan utilisadas da la software MediaWiki. Fai ina visita sin MediaWiki Localisation e sche ti vuls gidar da translatar la software MediaWiki.

Filtrar tenor standi da modificaziun:    
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num text original
text actual
1movedto2 (Discussiun) (Translate) moved [[$1]] to [[$2]]
1movedto2_redir (Discussiun) (Translate) moved [[$1]] to [[$2]] over redirect
3d (Discussiun) (Translate) 3d
3d-badge-text (Discussiun) (Translate) 3D
3d-desc (Discussiun) (Translate) Provides support for 3d file formats
about (Discussiun) (Translate) Surda
aboutpage (Discussiun) (Translate) Project:Davart
aboutsite (Discussiun) (Translate) Davart {{SITENAME}}
abusefilter (Discussiun) (Translate) Abuse filter configuration
abusefilter-accountreserved (Discussiun) (Translate) This account name is reserved for use by the abuse filter.
abusefilter-action-block (Discussiun) (Translate) Block
abusefilter-action-blockautopromote (Discussiun) (Translate) Block autopromote
abusefilter-action-degroup (Discussiun) (Translate) Remove from groups
abusefilter-action-disallow (Discussiun) (Translate) Disallow
abusefilter-action-rangeblock (Discussiun) (Translate) Range-block
abusefilter-action-tag (Discussiun) (Translate) Tag
abusefilter-action-throttle (Discussiun) (Translate) Throttle
abusefilter-action-warn (Discussiun) (Translate) Warn
abusefilter-autopromote-blocked (Discussiun) (Translate) This action has been automatically identified as harmful, and it has been disallowed. In addition, as a security measure, some privileges routinely granted to established accounts have been temporarily revoked from your account. A brief description of the abuse rule which your action matched is: $1
abusefilter-blocked-display (Discussiun) (Translate) This action has been automatically identified as harmful, and you have been prevented from executing it. In addition, to protect {{SITENAME}}, your user account and all associated IP addresses have been blocked from editing. If this has occurred in error, please contact an administrator. A brief description of the abuse rule which your action matched is: $1
abusefilter-blocker (Discussiun) (Translate) Abuse filter
abusefilter-blockreason (Discussiun) (Translate) Automatically blocked by abuse filter. Description of matched rule: $1
abusefilter-changeslist-examine (Discussiun) (Translate) examine
abusefilter-degrouped (Discussiun) (Translate) This action has been automatically identified as harmful. Consequently, it has been disallowed, and, since your account is suspected of being compromised, all rights have been revoked. If you believe this to have been in error, please contact a bureaucrat with an explanation of this action, and your rights may be restored. A brief description of the abuse rule which your action matched is: $1
abusefilter-degroupreason (Discussiun) (Translate) Rights automatically stripped by abuse filter. Rule description: $1
abusefilter-deleted (Discussiun) (Translate) Deleted
abusefilter-desc (Discussiun) (Translate) Applies automatic heuristics to edits
abusefilter-diff-backhistory (Discussiun) (Translate) Back to filter history
abusefilter-diff-info (Discussiun) (Translate) Basic information
abusefilter-diff-invalid (Discussiun) (Translate) Unable to fetch the requested versions
abusefilter-diff-item (Discussiun) (Translate) Item
abusefilter-diff-next (Discussiun) (Translate) Newer change
abusefilter-diff-pattern (Discussiun) (Translate) Filter conditions
abusefilter-diff-prev (Discussiun) (Translate) Older change
abusefilter-diff-title (Discussiun) (Translate) Differences between versions
abusefilter-diff-version (Discussiun) (Translate) Version from $1 {{GENDER:$3|by}} $2
abusefilter-disabled (Discussiun) (Translate) Disabled
abusefilter-disallowed (Discussiun) (Translate) This action has been automatically identified as harmful, and therefore disallowed. If you believe your action was constructive, please inform an administrator of what you were trying to do. A brief description of the abuse rule which your action matched is: $1
abusefilter-edit (Discussiun) (Translate) Editing abuse filter
abusefilter-edit-action-block (Discussiun) (Translate) Block the user and/or IP address from editing
abusefilter-edit-action-blockautopromote (Discussiun) (Translate) Revoke the user's autoconfirmed status
abusefilter-edit-action-degroup (Discussiun) (Translate) Remove the user from all privileged groups
abusefilter-edit-action-disallow (Discussiun) (Translate) Prevent the user from performing the action in question
abusefilter-edit-action-rangeblock (Discussiun) (Translate) Block the respective IP range from which the user originates
abusefilter-edit-action-tag (Discussiun) (Translate) Tag the edit for further review
abusefilter-edit-action-throttle (Discussiun) (Translate) Trigger actions only if the user trips a rate limit
abusefilter-edit-action-warn (Discussiun) (Translate) Trigger these actions after giving the user a warning
abusefilter-edit-bad-tags (Discussiun) (Translate) One or more of the tags you specified is not valid. Tags should be short, they should not contain special characters, and they should not be reserved by other software. Try choosing a new tag name
abusefilter-edit-badfilter (Discussiun) (Translate) The filter you specified does not exist
abusefilter-edit-badsyntax (Discussiun) (Translate) There is a syntax error in the filter you specified. The output from the parser was: <pre>$1</pre>
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